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textured solid grey tie from tough apparel
back view of textured solid grey tie
man in navy suit and solid grey tie
closeup of solid grey tie against white button up shirt


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There's something very unassuming, and yet unbelievably classy, about a textured solid grey tie, and more importantly, the man who wears it. Basically you're saying, I don't need to draw any attention to myself with a loud or flashy tie, because I provide all of the charisma and confidence myself. Man that's good. So if that's you, or even if you want it to be you (you gotta start somewhere), then the Asher is the perfect Tough Tie for you. And while you'll likely never spill on your own tie, the liquid repellency and machine washable design will provide protection against the less nimble folk around you.  Yep, this textured solid grey tie will be your new wing-man in all critical situations.  


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Asher - Textured Solid Grey Tie - Tough Apparel