The Modern Missionary Outfitter

Missionary Packages

At preach we offer 3 guarantees:

1. Guaranteed best prices in the valley - if we don't, we will match it.We are proud of our prices. We have worked hard to get these packages down to the lowest possible price to help you save, without sacrificing quality or durability.

2. Guaranteed the clothing will last you your full mission - if they don't, we'll take care of it. It's rare that our products have issues. When they have, we've fixed or replaced them without issue or fuss. 

3. Guaranteed better style - we think missionaries are supposed to look their best as they are representing something so important. We will get you looking great, so you can focus on the work without worry.

 *We offer a guarantee on any package as long as 2 pairs of shoes are bought with the package (only because we want to be sure the missionaries have enough to last for the 2 years). If any problem occurs with your clothing, please reach out and we will take care of it. 

Please reach out with any questions about our packages and we will be happy to be of help!